UNICOOL – Wall Packaged Unit (WPU)

AIRSYS was the first manufacturer to develop a Wall Packaged Unit (WPU) with a variable speed compressor. AIRSYS designed the UNICOOL Unit specifically for computer and equipment environments with the cooling capacity heavily shifted toward sensible heat removal. Our goal was to develop a WPU that was not only extremely energy efficient, but also made with high quality components. The UNICOOL unit is designed to withstand extreme climate zones, and has proven to be reliable due to the quality craftmanship that went into the design of this high-performance unit.

  • Efficiency
    • Bottom throw/top exhaust design specific for ICT cooling takes advantage of the natural rise of heat to remove more heat with every fan rotation
    • High sensible cooling ratio of these machines is as much as 30% higher than a traditional machine
    • EC Fans reduce energy consumption by 30~40% over conventional AC fan
    • Minimized energy consumption for enhanced environmental sustainability
    • Maximum use of integrated free cooling which uses ~10% of the energy of mechanical cooling
    • Precision lead/lag control to optimize energy efficiency
  • Reliability
    • From R&D to manufacturing, AIRSYS has been delivering expertise in ICT cooling for 25 years
    • Tens of thousands of systems successfully deployed worldwide
    • A high level of redundancy in the precision lead/lag controller to enhance reliability
    • Best in class components chosen for reliability and efficiency
    • Automatic restarting of the unit in case of power failure
    • DC Fail-Over Option to provide DC powered cooling/ventilation during prime power outage
  • Serviceability
    • A functional step test that facilitates complete operational verification in less than 5 minutes
    • Simple unobstructed access to all key components for PM and servicing
    • Open communication protocol for remote monitoring and control application
    • Completely selectable alarm relays to enable the system to adapt to the customer
    • Air filter state is monitored by pressure differential switch
    • Stores up to 200 alarm entries readily retrievable for easy diagnostics
  • Download

    UNICOOL – 2020 Full Product Booklet (PDF)

    UNICOOL_2020 Full Product Booklet_AIRSYS-P-SC-UNICOOL-E2003V01.1ASCT

    UNICOOL – Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) Manual (Updated 5.20)

    AIRSYS UNICOOL Installation and Operation Manual Rev 1.16

    UNICOOL – Spec Sheets (Updated 7.20)

    AIRSYS UNICOOL Specification Rev1.3

    UNICOOL – White Paper – Inverter Driven Technology for Telecom Shelters

    UNICOOL_White Paper_Inverter Driven Technology for Telco

    UNICOOL – White Paper – Fine-tuning Direct Outside Air with Two Layers of Protection: Intelligent Free Cooling and the AIRSYS Air Filter Protection Device

    AFPD and Intelligent Free Cooling-WP004-E2003V01.1ASCT_3.30.20

    UNICOOL – Case Study 1 – How Free Cooling Reduced the HVAC Energy Use at a Data Center Site In Helena, MT by 60%

    Free Cooling in Helena-AIRSYS-P-CS001-E2003V01

    UNICOOL – Case Study 2 – How The AIRSYS UNICOOL System Saves a Fiber Network Facility $11,700 Annually

    Free Cooling in Laurel Montana-AIRSYS-P-CS002-E2004V2.1ASCT

    SCTE-ISBE Journal of Energy Management – Precision vs. Comfort Cooling & The Beneficial Use of Intelligent Free Cooling

    SCTE-EM-V5N2_Journal of Energy Management_9.16.20