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AIRSYS is Reinventing Cooling Solutions for Edge Data Centers.

Meet the UniCool-Edge Series

The world's first left-right airflow packaged computer room air conditioning (CRAC) cooling system.

The UniCool-Edge eliminates the waste caused by less-efficient, top-down airflows through the introduction of an ultra-efficient left-to-right airflow design.

This revolutionary design combines unprecedented reliability, always-on performance, and next-level energy efficiency, lowering costs and environmental impact.

Prepare for transformative results.

  • An ultra-efficient left-to-right airflow design creates optimized temperature control for high cooling density.
  • Eliminating cold and hot air blending maximizes free cooling hours and cost-effective operation.
  • Industry-leading efficiency with compressors synchronized for low-speed operation 24/7/365.
  • Optimized for space efficiency, eliminating wasted prime real estate.
  • The cooling system’s high efficiency enables the use of a smaller backup generator, reducing costs and maintenance.
  • Stackable and scalable design with up to six units connected to one intelligent control panel.
  • Versatility in cooling capacities, from 7kW up to 240kW, with rack density up to 20kW.
  • A compact wall-mounted outdoor package frees up space for more servers.
  • The pre-fabricated, rapid deployment package can be up and running in hours.
  • High-quality components trusted by mission-critical businesses worldwide.
  • Modular and scalable solution for sustainable, seamless growth in edge data centers.
  • Integrated free cooling and variable frequency cooling technologies achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Fewer on/off cycles allow longer product lifespan and soft-start, resulting in reduced utility rates.
  • Green cooling technologies and energy-saving design minimize environmental impact.
  • Proven reliability with around-the-clock uptime and monitoring for mission-critical applications.




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Industry-leading Efficiency

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24/7/365 Reliability

If you're searching for a reliable data center cooling solution,
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When you choose AIRSYS, you invest in your success.

The Unicool-Edge is backed by AIRSYS’ three decades of experience, full-spectrum customer service, cost-saving programs, worldwide operations, and an established, reliable, US-based supply chain. 

Experience unparalleled efficiency for your cooling needs with our partner-oriented philosophy.

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