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A Groundbreaking Approach to Data Center Cooling.

Meet Optima2

Optima2 is a best-in-class computer room air conditioning (CRAC) solution.

Optima2 is designed to meet the unique, specialized cooling needs of the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) industry. Where other CRAC products remain unchanged for decades, the Optima2 revolutionizes cooling with top-notch performance and always-on reliability.

Cooling solutions have never been more transformative.

  • DFC: Direct Fresh Air Economizer performs cooling by introducing fresh air at low ambient temperature.
  • Taking up to 40% less space than other traditional CRAC units, the Optima2 makes room for more servers in your data center.
  • A compact modularized design and optimized cooling technology allow for higher cooling density in a smaller footprint.
  • Versatile cooling capacities, ranging from 20~640kW in blocks of 16, make cooling units adaptable to any data center cooling needs.
  • Modular design (blocks of up to 16 units capable of operating individually or as one large unit) enabling instant scalability across industries, from cloud computing to telecom.
  • A multi-unit control system allows remote managing of all 16 units on one OP2MUC.
  • Units are easily movable by hand hydraulic carrier or forklift, fitting through stairwells, corridors, and elevators for on-site assembly and simple upgrades to existing buildings with older legacy CRAC units.
  • The built-in NetOne platform with AI capabilities ensures self-diagnosis and proactive maintenance for improved efficiency and reliability.
  • High-quality parts and remarkable ease of use make Optima2 ideal for mission-critical infrastructures.
  • With the industry’s shortest lead time, Optima2 facilitates faster implementation, minimizing the risk of downtime or inefficient cooling during technology migrations.
  • Advanced cooling technologies, scalable design, and AI-powered monitoring empower substantial energy cost savings.
  • Optima2 cooling system offers a compelling ROI and TCO by allowing increased server capacity and providing reduced energy costs.
  • Advanced fault detection and self-diagnostic capabilities ensure early identification of potential issues, enhancing system reliability.

Less space than other CRAC units


Lower energy consumption

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global leaders in energy efficiency.

When you choose AIRSYS, you invest in your success.

The Optima2 is backed by AIRSYS’ nearly 30 years of experience, state-of-the-art R&D labs, innovative mindset, and commitment to reliability and sustainability.

Experience unparalleled efficiency for your cooling needs with our partner-oriented philosophy.

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