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AIRSYS’ data center cooling solutions are not just to provide uninterrupted operation of data centers, but to push the limit on both density and sustainability to their extreme.

Innovative Cooling Solutions Set to Reduce TCO without Sacrificing Reliability

A reliable data center cooling system is non-negotiable for data centers.

Traditional cooling systems are extremely energy-intensive, accounting for 30-55% of a data center's overall energy consumption, translating into a significant financial burden. Striking the right balance between budget constraints and reliability lies in adopting innovative cooling solutions. 

AIRSYS' cutting-edge solutions employ advanced cooling technologies like variable-speed compressors, eco-friendly coolants, and energy recovery systems that reduce energy consumption. Continuous diagnostic monitoring capabilities fulfill the dual purpose of maintaining true temperature control and air quality while also preventing overcooling and wasted energy. Robust construction, high-performing components, and streamlined maintenance ensure maximum uptime and uninterrupted operations.

By deploying AIRSYS' innovative and sustainable cooling solutions, data centers can achieve a remarkable reduction in their TCO over ten years, potentially lowering costs by as much as 40%. This substantial saving is realized through decreased energy consumption, reduced maintenance requirements, and minimized future capital expenditures.

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Superior Cooling Solutions, Comprehensive Benefits

Data Center Cooling Solutions
that Make a Difference


Boasting the world's first stackable external wall-mounted CRAC cooling system, UniCool-Edge is poised to bring transformative cooling results for edge data centers. Thanks to this groundbreaking cooling technology, users benefit from unprecedented reliability, always-on performance, and reduced environmental footprint.

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Optima 2™

A best-in-class CRAC solution, designed to meet the unique cooling needs of the ICT industry. Powered with AI technology and a reputation for the industry’s shortest lead time, Optima2 brings a new efficiency level to data centers.

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AIRSYS’ patented cooling system is the world’s first spray liquid cooling solution that offers 100% heat recovery, capturing waste heat as usable hot water. Its specialized technology is set to meet and exceed the cooling demands of high-density, technical-driven workloads.

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Leading the Way in Data Center Cooling Solutions

Our cooling solutions are designed with one goal in mind: to ensure your data center stays cool, reliable, and efficient, 24/7/365.

Trust in our three decades of experience and expertise and join dozens of satisfied clients benefiting from top-tier cooling solutions for maximum uptime and operational excellence.