Empowering Global Connectivity

In the era of ceaseless digital connectivity, reliable cooling solutions are paramount to safeguarding the critical telecom equipment that keeps the world connected. At AIRSYS, we develop pioneering cooling systems to ensure uninterrupted operations for telecommunications infrastructure.

A single 5G station consumes power equivalent to 73 households.


By 2025, telecoms will use over 20% of global electricity when considering all components.


A single 5G station consumes up to three times more power than a 4G site.

Energy-Efficient Temperature Control Solutions for the Most Energy-Intensive Industry

Telecom is infamous for being one of the world’s most energy-intensive industries, accounting for 3% of global energy consumption.

Cooling systems for mobile sites are among the primary drivers of substantial energy consumption across telecom facilities. This not only results in high energy bills but also in a significant environmental impact. Faced with such challenges, telecom network operators have no choice but to reduce their energy footprint.

Research indicates that a holistic approach combining cutting-edge technology and equipment optimization can empower telecom operators to achieve remarkable energy cost savings of 15-30%.

As cooling systems are primary energy consumers in mobile sites, enhancing their efficiency is a critical first step in slashing overall energy usage and alleviating the financial and environmental strains.

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The Added Values of Our
Superior Cooling Solutions

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Cost-Saving Opportunities

Deploying AIRSYS' innovative and sustainable cooling solutions can lead to a significant 40% reduction in TCO over a ten-year period. This substantial cost-saving is achieved through lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance needs, and minimized future capital expenses.
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Sustainable Cooling Practices

Green cooling is integral in achieving energy efficiency and is ingrained in AIRSYS’ commitment to “balancing the environment.” With this mindset, all our engineered cooling products utilize eco-friendly cooling technologies aimed at minimizing environmental impact and lowering energy bills.

Game-Changing Cooling Products


Tailored specifically for computer and equipment environments, Unicool is a pioneering wall package cooling unit, revolutionizing temperature control with its innovative variable-speed compressor design. This groundbreaking approach delivers unparalleled efficiency and reliability for critical infrastructure cooling.

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Boasting the world's first stackable external wall-mounted CRAC cooling system, UniCool-Edge is poised to bring transformative cooling results for edge data centers. Thanks to this groundbreaking cooling technology, users benefit from unprecedented reliability, always-on performance, and reduced environmental footprint.

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Optima 2™

A best-in-class CRAC solution, designed to meet the unique cooling needs of the ICT industry. Powered with AI technology and a reputation for the industry’s shortest lead time, Optima2 brings a new efficiency level to data centers.

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AIRSYS’ patented cooling system is the world’s first spray liquid cooling solution that offers 100% heat recovery, capturing waste heat as usable hot water. Its specialized technology is set to meet and exceed the cooling demands of high-density, technical-driven workloads.

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Leading the Way in Telecom Cooling Excellence

Our cooling solutions are designed with one goal in mind: to ensure your critical equipment stays cool, reliable, and efficient, 24/7/365.

Our leadership and dedication to innovation continue to drive connectivity worldwide. Trust in our expertise and join dozens of satisfied clients benefiting from top-tier cooling solutions for maximum uptime and operational excellence.