For Optimal & Safe Learning Environments

AIRSYS’ School Air Solutions do much more than heat and cool. They provide fresh, clean, comfortable indoor air quality for each individual classroom, creating a safe environment for kids, teachers, and school employees.

Our commitment to individualized classroom comfort solutions makes AIRSYS the ideal provider of cooling and air quality systems for K-12 facilities.

K-12 Engineered Cooling Products That Are More Than Just HVAC Systems

Creating Conducive Learning Environments

AIRSYS School Air Solutions™ are designed to empower students’ success. An Ultra Quiet Mode (reduced sound levels by 5-7db), a Turbo Boost Mode, true temperature control capabilities, and adaptive variable speed compressors ensure effortless temperature management, humidity control, superior indoor air quality, and noise-free operation. 

These components work in tandem to facilitate a pleasant learning environment where students can excel and thrive.

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Optimal for Students,
Prime for School Operators

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A New Level of Energy Efficiency

AIRSYS redefines energy efficiency in the SPVU (Single Package Vertical Unit) category, operating at an impressive 18-23+ IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio). This translates to your classroom HVAC system functioning up to 32-73% more efficiently than nearly any other standard cooling system available, delivering substantial energy savings and reduced environmental impact.
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Zero Disruption to School Operations

Versatile installation options for indoor and outdoor HVAC units allow seamless integration with any school’s existing cooling systems and infrastructure. This high level of compatibility and flexible design are highly desired by many school administrators who seek to maintain a stable learning environment with minimal disruption to school operations.

Cost-Effectiveness For School Budgets 

AIRSYS’ School Air Solutions align with educational institutions' budgetary constraints. Some Projects can be fully funded through ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funds. The exceptional energy efficiency reduces energy consumption and utility bills. The flexible integration with existing infrastructure eliminates costly installation expenses, and reliable equipment ensures a long lifespan with minimal operational costs or repairs.

24/7/365 Serviceability

A dedicated technical support team is available around the clock to promptly address any maintenance or service needs. This nonstop support ensures the cooling system operates reliably, providing consistent comfort for students and staff.

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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund

Authorized federal legislation specifically permits the use of ESSER for “testing, repairing, and upgrading projects to improve air quality in school buildings.”

Schools working with AIRSYS School Air Solutions can benefit from this funding to cover purchase and installation expenses. Now, no financial barriers should stand between your school and AIRSYS’ leading School Air Solutions.

Air Quality Systems that
Disrupt Industry Conventions


A dual-purpose outdoor cooling system, engineered to deliver maximum indoor comfort without compromising valuable space. The BACKPACK combines rugged durability and the highest efficiency in its class, with an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio 40% higher than other units in its class.

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Our indoor system is the quietest in its class, helping children stay focused in the classroom. That’s why we call it FOCUS IQ. With true temperature control and the option to select ultra-quiet mode, you’ll bring security and “a breath of fresh air” to your classrooms.

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Leading the Way in Classroom Comfort Solutions for K-12 Facilities

We are the preferred cooling and human comfort solution provider for K-12 campuses.

AIRSYS remains committed to pioneering innovations that empower educational institutions to create optimal learning environments. Our dedication to sustainability, cutting-edge technologies, and lasting partnerships drives us to continuously elevate industry standards for the benefit of schools nationwide.