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When Comfort is Synonymous with Air Quality Systems


A self-contained, energy-efficient heat pump air quality system designed for indoor installation without outside space.

This innovative unit offers true temperature control per classroom, and, no less importantly, remarkably quiet operation, creating a conducive and optimized learning environment in classrooms. This is why AIRSYS is the precision K-12 classroom cooling solution provider.

Let FOCUS IQ and AIRSYS bring a breath of fresh air to your classrooms.

  • Variable speed compressors continuously modulate to meet capacity demands, optimizing energy efficiency.
  • Enhanced vapor injection (EVI) cooling technology enhances temperature control, especially at high ambient temperatures.
  • An optional energy recovery ventilator (ERV) harvests energy from exhaust air, reducing energy consumption for ventilation.
  • The environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is also among the least harmful refrigerants to human health.
  • Easily accessible components for simplified maintenance and easy serviceability.
  • Removable filter panels for convenient cleaning and replacement.
  • User-friendly control interface with comprehensive system monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Versatile installation options with various ventilation and accessory choices.
  • An ultra-quiet mode that allows the system to run at 5-7db lower sound levels is ideal for sensitive environments or during quiet hours.
  • Improved durability and equipment longevity thanks to robust construction with corrosion-resistant components.
  • Minimum disruption to school operation thanks to comprehensive self-diagnostic features.
  • The FOCUS IQ Indoor system is the quietest in its class, helping children stay focused in the classroom.
  • Green cooling solutions create a safe and comfortable learning environment for kids.
  • Streamlined maintenance, reliable equipment, and energy-saving cooling technology cut TCO for schools.
  • Flexible integration with Building Management Systems thanks to versatile installation options and ventilation choices.
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Our products are the industry's precision
K-12 classroom cooling solutions.

We provide HVAC solutions that bring a breath of fresh air to schools.

As a precision cooling solution provider for K-12 facilities, AIRSYS ensures products prioritize human comfort while meeting the specific needs of educational institutions.

We believe that creating empowering learning environments lays the foundation for a new generation of innovators, and innovation is a core pillar in AIRSYS’ vision.

Contact us today to get started.