Advanced Cooling Technologies

Enhancing Performance, Sustainability, and Comfort in Diverse Environments

Across sectors, organizations demand cutting-edge cooling technologies that deliver:

  • A reliable, cost-effective data center cooling solution.
  • An energy-efficient cooling technology for telecom infrastructure.
  • A compact yet sustainable cooling system for BESS or EV stations.
  • A safe and comfortable true temperature control solution for K-12 campuses.

As a global leader in energy efficiency, at AIRSYS, we have it all. 

The AIRSYS product range includes indoor and outdoor cooling solutions for equipment shelters or BTS (Base Transceiver Stations), air conditioning units, and ventilation systems.

From precision cooling to human comfort solutions, all our products are engineered for maximum durability and reliability, powered by the latest energy-saving technologies.

As we continuously push the boundaries of cooling technologies, we ensure our solutions can meet the evolving needs of critical equipment in an increasingly tech-driven world.

This commitment places our products at the forefront of the cooling solutions industry.

Premier Cooling Products with
Unmatched Quality & Innovation


UniCool presents an innovative approach to efficient and reliable cooling, tailored specifically for computer and equipment environments. UniCool cuts energy for cooling shelters by 20-80%, enabling greener operations and substantial cost savings.

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Introducing the world’s first left-right airflow packaged CRAC cooling system. This groundbreaking design facilitates optimized temperature control, unprecedented reliability, and always-on performance, making it ideal for high cooling densities.

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Optima2 offers a best-in-class, innovative CRAC solution, designed to meet the unique, specialized cooling needs of the ICT industry. With ingrained AI capabilities, reduced footprint, and increased COP, Optima2 establishes new cooling standards for optimal benefits.

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LiquidRack revolutionizes data center cooling as the world’s first ICT spray liquid cooling solution, meeting high-density workload demands. Its patented, eco-friendly design offers innovative, space-saving, and energy-efficient cooling, with 100% free cooling.

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School Air Solutions Outdoor Unit: BACKPACK™

By relocating cooling equipment outdoors, BACKPACK maximizes available indoor space while delivering superior energy efficiency, individual classroom temperature control, individual air ventilation, and uncompromised comfort for students and staff within the school premises.

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School Air Solutions Indoor Unit: FOCUS IQ™

Aside from being the quietest in its class, FOCUS IQ's engineered design, durable equipment, and green cooling technologies allow schools not only to maintain individual classroom comfort control and individual outdoor air ventilation, but also to cut costs.

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