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100% Free Cooling for 200% Cooling Efficiency

Meet LiquidRack

The world’s first information and communication technology (ICT) spray liquid cooling solution

Designed to meet and exceed the cooling demands of high-density, technical-driven workloads, this patented cooling system from AIRSYS sets a golden standard in energy efficiency and energy conservation. LiquidRack is a revolutionary cooling technology that will power the sustainable cities of the future.

Experience the next generation of data center cooling with LiquidRack.

LiquidRack Changes Everything for Every Mission-Critical Application

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  • 80% less coolant compared to traditional immersion cooling systems.
  • A groundbreaking technology based on water only.
  • Higher cooling density up to 100kW per rack.
  • LiquidRack uses a vertical layout, maximizing valuable data center real estate and making it completely compatible with current data center infrastructure.
  • LiquidRack achieves the highest possible outlet liquid temperature of 167°F, enabling free cooling at any weather in this world.
  • Ensures data center operation with an impressive PUE lower than 1.02 and 0 WUE.
  • As a green cooling technology, LiquidRack recovers 100% of energy from IT equipment by the premium grade to be reused for further heating or cooling.
  • 100% free cooling can be achieved anytime, anywhere, regardless of external environmental conditions.
  • An effortless transition from air cooling to liquid cooling, attained by an innovative cooling technology.
  • Engineered for reliability, LiquidRack includes two high-performance pumps and a heat exchanger.
  • Nearly effortless installation and compatible footprint make LiquidRack ideal for retrofitting existing data centers.
  • Simplified maintenance, with lightweight pull-out servers.
  • Faster heat removal and higher cooling density facilitate time-saving and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • The unique cooling system ensures your critical infrastructure operates at peak performance for years, no replacement costs needed.
  • The seamless integration into existing data centers minimizes downtime and high capital expenditure.
  • Streamlined maintenance reduces operational burdens.
  • Repurposing high-temperature water unlocks sustainable potential and can eliminate hot water bills.
  • The recovered heat is ingeniously repurposed to cool the DC environment, offices, and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) areas.
  • A scalable foundation capable of meeting bold future possibilities and sustainable city initiatives.
How It Works

The system features two distinct cooling circuits (coolant and water), separated by a heat exchanger.

  1. The cold coolant (dielectric fluid) is sprayed onto waterproof servers to remove heat.
  2. The heated coolant then flows back to the plate heat exchanger, dissipating the absorbed heat into the water circuit.
  3. The heated water is discharged into the atmosphere through the dry cooler, completing an efficient heat removal process.

We are continuously pushing the boundaries of efficiency.

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Innovative cooling solutions that redefine industry standards are synonymous with the AIRSYS brand.

Furthermore, we strive to be responsible guardians of the environment and trusted partners to our clients. Now you too can be part of the liquid cooling evolution.

Experience unparalleled efficiency for your cooling needs with our partner-oriented philosophy.

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