Meeting your SCTE 2020 Goals!

Tempest HVAC & AIRSYS can help you exceed the SCTE Energy 2020 recommendations!

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) has released it’s Energy 2020 Program Goals:

1. Reduce Power Consumption by 20% on a Per Component Basis
2. Energy Cost Reduction by 25% on a Per Component Basis
3. Reduce Power Grid Dependency by 10%
4. Optimize Technical Facilities & Datacenters to Minimize Footprint by 20%

Conventional HVAC systems consume the most electricity of any single component within an equipment shelter. In contrast to a conventional system, AIRSYS Wall Packaged Units (WPU) are specifically designed for equipment shelters (vs. human comfort applications). These ICT-designed WPUs offer the highest sensible cooling capacity on the market and can reduce HVAC system power consumption by up to 75%, far exceeding the SCTE recommendations! In a standard shelter, this translates to dropping energy consumption from 20% to 5%!




















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