Meet School Air Solutions™!

The Airsys School Air Solutions™ systems do so much more than heat and cool. They clean the air of every individual classroom creating a safe environment for our children.

Quiet Mode

While our Indoor Unit is already the quietest indoor system in it’s class, there’s even an additional feature that allows the system to run at 5-7db lower sound levels.


A project with Airsys can be fully funded through ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funds. Airsys Classroom heating and cooling systems provide fresh, clean, comfortable air for each individual classroom.

Incredibly Efficient

While most heating and cooling systems in the SPVU (Single Package Vertical Unit) classification boast of energy efficiencies in the 11-14 IEER range, Airsys School Air Solutions™ runs at 16-18+ IEER (Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratio). When teaching about sustainability, feel comfortable knowing that your classroom HVAC system is operating 32-73% more efficiently than almost any other option!

Turbo Boost Mode

While Quiet Mode gives you the most silent option, Boost Mode increases your cooling capacity during those most brutal of summer months.

True Temperature Control

True temperature control per classroom and superior fresh air delivery, both constantly customizing to real-time flexible needs. Our variable speed compressor fluctuates to the precise needs of each classroom, regardless the number of students and classes duration.

Dual Layer Exterior Protection

Exposure to weather can be harmful to equipment. AIRSYS galvanized steel exterior coated with an additional layer of thermoset polymer provides two layers of protection against corrosion.

Bring School Air Solutions™ to your School

School Air Solutions™

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Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund

The authorizing federal legislation specifically permits the use of ESSER for “testing, repairing, and upgrading projects to improve air quality in school buildings.” AIRSYS School Air Solutions™ provides fresh, clean, comfortable air for each individual classroom, providing a better environment to help reduce COVID virus exposure, with a better HVAC solution for both kids, teachers and school employees.


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