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The AIRSYS HVAC Wall Packaged Unit (WPU) for equipment shelters is the most energy efficient wall packaged HVAC available, due to its bottom throw design and a focus on heat management vs. cooling a space. All other standard WPU’s available today are designed with the goal of human comfort cooling. Due to its unique architecture and design, the AIRSYS WPU reduces the energy consumed to cool an equipment shelter by 20-40%, allowing network operators to operate a greener equipment shelter by using less energy and thereby saving a significant amount of operating expense.

  • Efficiency
    • Bottom throw/top exhaust design specific for ICT cooling takes advantage of the natural rise of heat to remove more heat with every rotation of the fan
    • High sensible cooling ratio of these machines is as much as 30% higher than a traditional machine
    • EC Fans reduce energy consumption by 30~40% over conventional AC fan
    • Minimized energy consumption for enhanced environmental sustainability
    • Maximum use of integrated free cooling which uses ~10% of the energy of mechanical cooling
    • Precision lead/lag control to optimize energy efficiency
  • Reliability
    • From R&D to manufacturing, AIRSYS has been delivering expertise in ICT cooling for over 15 years
    • Tens of thousands of systems successfully deployed worldwide
    • A high level of redundancy in the precision lead/lag controller to enhance reliability
    • Best in class components chosen for reliability and efficiency
    • Automatic restarting of the unit in case of power failure
    • DC Fail-Over Option to provide DC powered cooling/ventilation during prime power outage
  • Serviceability
    • A functional step test that facilitates complete operational verification in less than 5 minutes
    • Simple unobstructed access to all key components for PM and servicing
    • Open communication protocol for remote monitoring and control application
    • Completely selectable alarm relays to enable the system to adapt to the customer
    • Air filter state is monitored by pressure differential switch
    • Stores up to 200 alarm entries readily retrievable for easy diagnostics
  • Download

    WPU Installation and Operation Manual

    revision: 2.3

    last updated: 12/2015

    Product: Wall Mounted Packaged (WPU) Air Conditioners

    Models: 3R1C1 (1 Ton); 5R1C1 (1.5 Ton); 7E1C2 (2 Ton); 9E1C2 (2.5 Ton); 13E1C3 (3.5 Ton); 18E1C4 (5 Ton)

    WPU Installation_and_Operation_Manual_rev 2.3.pdf
    4.53 MB

    AIRSYS HVAC System: Commissioning Checklist

    The Commissioning Checklist [1] is fantastic tool for anyone installing AIRSYS WPUs. The attached document provides step-by-step instructions on how to commission a new AIRSYS HVAC System. If you can get through this entire checklist without issues, you can be confident that you have physically and electrically installed the HVAC system correctly.

    Whether you are working on a new building installation or a field-upgrade installation, we strongly encourage you to complete the first page of the checklist and leave a copy in the site. This not only minimizes your liability, but also helps whomever is going to be responsible for servicing the system. If any issues arise, knowing the system was 100% compliant at start-up helps us focus our troubleshooting.
    Refer to the PDF document for more detail on completing each step.

    Commissioning Checklist_rev 4.1.pdf
    662 KB