Free Cooling Box (FCB) – Mobilecool/FCB

The AIRSYS Free Cooling Box (FCB) is an intelligent ventilation product specially designed to achieve remarkable energy savings and efficiency in equipment shelters. The unit provides automatic free cooling when the outdoor temperature is lower than indoor temperature. The unit mainly consists of an EC fan, air filter and control system. Indoor or outdoor installation is available with a compact, light and simple structure design for easy transportation, installation and maintenance.

  • Acts as master controller over existing HVAC system with precision temperature control
  • DC Powered to provide cooling in the event of prime power failure (ideal for sites without back-up generators)
  • Extends the life of existing HVAC units, minimizes compressor turn on and compressor run time
  • Substantial savings on annual operating expenses
Technical Specifications – Free Cooling Box – MOBILECOOL/FCB Swipe to view more »
Power supply48VDC
FanTypeEC Centrifugal Fan
Power InputkW0.20.4
Air VolumeCFM8541,800
Sensible cooling capacity△t=5℃/9℉kW2.45.0
Dimensions & WeightWidthin25.629.5
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Bottom throw/top exhaust design specific for ICT cooling applications to take advantage of the natural rise of heat to remove more heat with every rotation of the fan
    • EC Fans reduce energy consumption by 30~40% over conventional AC fans
    • Minimizes energy consumption for shelters with 3rd party HVAC Systems already installed
    • Optimizes for Free Cooling which consumes ~10% of the energy of Mechanical Cooling
  • Reliability
    • AIRSYS has been delivering expertise in ICT cooling for over 15 years from R&D to manufacturing
    • More than 60,000 systems successfully deployed worldwide
    • The Free Cooling Box can provide extra redundancy to enhance site reliability
    • Best in class components chosen for reliability and efficiency
    • Automatic restarting of the unit in case of power failure
    • DC powered to provide cooling/ventilation during prime power outage
  • Serviceability
    • A functional step test that facilitates complete operational verification in less than 5 minutes
    • Simple unobstructed access to all key components for PM and servicing
    • Open communication protocol for networking supervisory and safe operation
    • Completely selectable alarm relays to enable the system to adapt to the customer
    • Air filter state is monitored by pressure differential switch
    • Stores up to 200 alarm entries readily retrievable for easy diagnostics