AIRSYS is the HVAC technology leader when it comes to Wall Packaged Units for our schools. To deploy an AIRSYS COM4T system on a classroom means, quality, reliability, efficiency and performance at the highest level available. These best in class products are backed by a dedicated group of professionals committed to support our products throughout the product life cycle 24x7x365


  • Quiet Operation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Comfort Control
  • Reliability
  • Serviceability


  • Efficiency
    • Inverter compressors’ speed is able to change from 30%~120% of nominal capacity
      automatically adjusting to match the load inside the classroom.
    • COM4T can achieve EER >11 with nominal cooling capacity @ AHRI 390 test conditions
    • When units are working at part-load, they can achieve EER up to 18
  • Serviceability
    • Wall package design utilizes the same hole pattern as most
      modern day SPVU’s thereby saving money on installation.
    • Curb options offer adaptability for different applications.
      Front serviceability and snap in – snap out components
      make maintenance and repair a breeze.
    • The COM4T system is designed so service can be performed by in house
      maintenance staff instead of costly HVAC professionals.
    • The step-test systematically verifies normal operation of key components in the system which aids the service technician
      in isolating problems quickly.
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    last updated: 02/19

    Product: Human Comfort Cooling

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