The COM4T heat pumps are the best HVAC systems on the market, designed with advanced inverter technology to provide variable capacity and ensuring quiet operation, energy efficiency, comfort control and reliability.

COM4T heat pumps are wall mounted packaged units, including indoor and outdoor series for different applications. The refrigerant piping and internal wiring are factory assembled and thoroughly tested. All components are readily accessible for easy service and maintenance.


  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Inverter Driven Technology
  • Comfort Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Time Saving Serviceability


  • Efficiency
    • The Inverter driven compressor speed is able to change from 30%~120% of nominal capacity automatically adjusts to match the load inside the classroom.
    • COM4T can achieve EER >11 with nominal cooling capacity @ AHRI 390 test conditions
    • When units are working at part-load, they can achieve up to 18 EER
    • Determined by the authorized noise testing party DL Acoustics Research & Consulting, AIRSYS COM4T only generates 36.7dBA at low speed while only 39.3dBA at high speed. At < 30% of the noise level required by the most stringent code in the country the COM4T delivers quiet comfort for our kids.
    • COM4T delivers real-time demand cooling / heating capacity according to the needs of the environment. The variable capacity system continuously adjusts with small temperature fluctuations increasing the accuracy of temperature control and making people feel more comfortable.
  • Serviceability
    • Wall package design utilizes the same hole pattern as most
      modern day SPVU’s thereby saving money on installation.
    • Curb options offer adaptability for different applications.
      Front serviceability and snap in – snap out components
      make maintenance and repair a breeze.
    • The COM4T system is designed for quick service that can be performed by in-house
      maintenance staff, instead of costly HVAC professionals.
    • The step-test systematically verifies normal operation of key components in the system which aids the service technician
      in isolating problems quickly.
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    COM4T 2020 Sales Brochure Handout (PDF)

    COM4T 2020 Sales Brochure Handout

    COM4T One Sheet – Quick Reference Information (PDF)

    COM4T_One Sheet_Quick Reference_AS-P-FC001-COM4T-E2003V01.1ASCT

    COM4T 2020 Full Product Booklet (PDF)

    COM4T_2020 Full Product Booklet_AIRSYS-P-SC-COM4T-E2003V01.1ASCT

    COM4T – Spec Sheets:

    AIRSYS COM4T Spec Sheet_rev0.16

    COM4T – IOM:

    AIRSYS Wall Package Heat Pump IOM Rev 1.1_2.28.20

    COM4T – White Paper – The AIRSYS Inverter Driven Heat Pump


    COM4T vs. BARD Comparison Chart

    AIRSYS vs BARD Comparison Chart