A Best-in-Class CRAC Solution.


Introducing the Optima2. Only from AIRSYS.

The Optima2 is a breath of fresh air for the ICT industry. Where other CRAC products haven’t changed in decades, the Optima2 takes our already standard-setting cooling solution and completely reimagines world-class performance in always-on reliability—made more accessible, versatile and efficient than ever before.

Small footprint.

Massive Cooling Density.

less space
cooling capacities
scalable for the size you need

Taking up 40% less space than other CRAC units, the Optima2 makes room for more servers in your Data Center—plus, each unit is easily moved by hand hydraulic carrier or forklift, fits through stairwells, corridors and elevators, and can be assembled on site.

With simplified spare parts, the versatile modular design is instantly scalable for any size organization, from cloud computing to telecom, and multiple units can be grouped into different cooling capacities (20~200kW).

Outstanding energy efficiency. Naturally.

The Optima2 is the next generation of smarter, more sustainable ICT cooling: each unit features an innovative variable speed inverter compressor that can achieve 75% higher COP and 20% lower energy consumption than units with a fixed speed compressor. When outside temperatures are 50°F or lower, only the Optima2 can operate at 100% cooling capacity on direct free air cooling*—an incredible new standard in cost-saving efficiency.


Heat Exchanger

lower energy consumption
higher COP
cooling capacity*

Built-in intelligence that runs itself.

Discover easier serviceability, valuable performance data and swifter insights into your operation—instantly and at your fingertips. The Optima2 runs on AIRSYS’ proprietary intelligence platform, NetOne, an intuitive and interconnected interface that allows for smarter AI learning.

This fully-automatic control system can conduct self-diagnosis, react and cope with various situations, and communicate with the end user as well as other units to deliver ultimate energy efficiency.

Designed to outlast and outperform.


For life.

You asked. We listened. The Optima2 solves problems that other CRAC unit manufacturers couldn’t or wouldn’t—delivering next-generation performance without the long lead times of our competitors. High-quality, proven parts with a remarkable ease of serviceability make the Optima2 a solution that mission-critical infrastructures across industries and all over the world count on.

More than pioneers and innovators.


The Optima2 is backed by AIRSYS’ 27+ years of experience, full-spectrum customer service, cost-saving programs, worldwide operations and established, reliable supply chain.

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