The supply fan does not function

  1. Check whether all the breakers are flipped to ON
  2. Reset the controller by flipping the controller power breaker off and on
  3. Check the power supply to the fan
    • Verify that 240V is going into the KA1 (wires 400 and 401)
    • Common issue: The label on some of the controllers incorrectly states L, N (120V in U.S.) instead of L1, L2 (240V)
  4.  Check the protection circuit is normal
    • Verify that the signal between terminal 9 and 5 is NC
  5. Remove the right side panel to access the supply fan.
    • Verify 240V is present from KA1 to the supply fan.
    • Verify the 10V reference voltage from the supply fan
    • If the reference voltage is significantly different from 10V contact HVAC support for replacement fan.