WPUs reaching EOL (End Of Life) and need to replaced


Replace EOL systems with the energy efficient AIRSYS WPUs to reduce electricity consumption and thereby operating costs.

This customer had two WPUs (Wall Packaged Units) in a lead/Lag configuration that were at or near end of their useful life.  They could either replace these WPUs with “like for like” conventional units and just get a new version of the same old machine OR they could look at doing something better.  In this case they chose to install the energy efficient AIRSYS ICT (Information Cooling Technology) WPUs for their site.  The plan was to spend a bit more up front on the equipment and installation in order to make a better long term TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) decision.  The first and most prominent/measurable element of the improved TCO is the amount of electricity the HVAC system requires to maintain temperature inside the equipment shelter.


By replacing both conventional WPUs with the AIRSYS, the electricity consumption at the site was reduced by ~28,726 kWh/yr for a ~ 15% overall reduction in site electricity consumption. And an estimated annual savings of $2,880/yr.