Introducing the AIRSYS WPU Air Filter Protection Device (AFPD)


The AFPD is designed to protect the WPU primary air filter from airborne particulates (APs) to prevent premature clogging of that air filter.  The AFPD has demonstrated the ability to preserve filter life beyond the 6 month Preventive Maintenance (PM) interval while preserving 60 to 95% of the available Free Cooling (FC) time.  This equates to a substantial annual savings without the burden of urgent high temp callouts or adjusting to more frequent PM visits.

Key Features

  • Enables FC in challenging environments where airborne particulates would normally prohibit economizer mode
  • Extends Air Filter life by closing the outside air damper when airborne contaminates exceed density limit
  • Compatible with all existing AIRSYS Wall Packaged Units (WPUs) and Indoor Packaged Units (IPUs)
  • Expected > $1,000 per site savings1 on electricity by enabling outside air cooling instead of running the compressor
  • Adjustable settings allow technicians to optimize performance based on environmental conditions

1Estimate based on 10kW heat load in climate zone 3-7 and electricity rate $0.10/kW.