AIRSYS Premier Service Partner Program

Program participants are eligible to receive discounts on AIRSYS replacement parts and special “tools” to help your technicians execute PM services and repair diagnostics more effectively and efficiently.

What is the Premier Service Contractor Program?AIRSYS PSCP Logo

The Premier Program is, in short, a program intended to grow our partnership with you, one of our preferred service contractors.

Program Objectives

Through this deeper relationship we are looking to accomplish two key objectives:

  1. Reduce the cost of maintenance and repair through the development and communication of best practices
  2. Improve the long-term HVAC system reliability by proactively identifying and resolving potential issues

The better relationships we have with those directly interacting with the equipment, the better information we receive on the reliability and quality of the products.  We take this information seriously and use it to help design a better product that is not only high performance but is also easier to maintain.

What benefits do partners receive once in the program?

Program Partners are at the top of our recommendation list when End-Users ask for authorized installation and PM Service contractors.  In addition to this advertising, partners are eligible to receive various incentives throughout the year.  In exchange, we simply ask for detailed quarterly reports on service calls made and responded to that quarter.

PGD: An enhanced display to help maximize the functionality of your AIRSYS HVAC system

Program benefits include:

  1. A 5% discount on all spare parts
  2. Software upgrade hardware and software will be provided at no cost. This includes shipping cost
  3. Up to 2 PGD[1] display screens will be provided per year[2]
  4. Partners are branded as an AIRSYS Premier Partner on our website and can be recommended as such to End-Users

 What does it take to qualify for the program? 

Program Partners must meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. Your company must be an approved HVAC contractor performing Full-Service Preventative Maintenance for Verizon Wireless markets.
  2. Service Contractors must be actively servicing a minimum of 100 AIRSYS Wall-Pack Units (WPUs) annually.
  3. Your company must have the ability to capture and report detailed information on AIRSYS systems in a meaningful and consistent manner. Specifically, the report must include site information, labor and travel time, and any materials consumed for PM or repair visits for AIRSYS-equipped sites.

What do partners have to do to stay in the program?

Once a part of the program, partners are expected to provide detailed quarterly reports listing the service calls to sites. Attached is a spreadsheet providing examples of data required for these quarterly reports.

In order to remain an active Premier Partner, reports must be submitted to within 15 calendar days of the end of each quarter.


We sincerely hope that you will join us in trying to provide for the best experience possible for our partners and our customers.

Please review the attached document and reply to this message with your confirmation to join the Premier Service Contractor Program. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you in providing the best possible service possible.

Thank you!

The Tempest HVAC Team


[1] PGDs are enhanced screens which can override the existing lead/lag controller pLD display allowing a technician to perform simple tasks quickly 
[2] 1 PGD will be provided after the 1st report is submitted and an additional PGD will be provide every 2 consecutive quarterly reports thereafter